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「 月別アーカイブ:2010年02月 」 一覧

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No.6 DVD recommendation: "Ise The Myths of a Sustainable World"

2010/02/20   Culture, Ise Jingu

I purchased and watched a great DVD this week that focuses on the philosophy of sustainability that ...

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No.5 Ise Kawasaki Shoninkan - continued

2010/02/08   Ise Kawasaki Area

The following pictures are just a sampling of what you can see at Kawasaki Shoninkan in the Kawasaki ...

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No.4 Ise Kawaseki Shoninkan

2010/02/07   uncategories

Ise Kawasaki Shouninkan (pictured by Yuka Sugiki) is a historical structure built about 100 years ag ...