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A letter from Ise

2016/11/14   Culture, uncategories

★Ise Japanese blog here!!★(日本語ブログはこちら) if you have any question ,contact me       Instagram:yuyasan0 ...

Futami city

2016/08/18   uncategories

Hello I'd like to intoroduce one of the most famous popular destinations for tourists in Ise. It's c ...


2016/06/30   uncategories

Ise City has some famous places. Especailly The Grand Shirine of Ise . But we mustn't forget some ni ...

Tsukino miya

2016/05/31   uncategories

If you go to the Inner shrine of Ise , How about going to "Tsuki no miya ? You can walk there in abo ...

The Summit meeting

2016/05/29   uncategories

Hello.^^ The summit meeting was held in Mie prefecture on 25th ,26th. This time the proposed event s ...