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A letter from Ise


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Hello, how's it going ?
Japan is getting colder and colder.

we walk outside in a coat . Winter is just around the corner^^;

I went to The Grand shrine of Ise a few days ago.
unfortunately It was cloudy and felt a bit cold
but I could see many tourists there in spite of weekday and weather .

is it great ,is't it ?

If you want to enjoy traveling to Ise city I want to recommend the route that
you go first to Geku area and then Naiku area .

you can fully enjoy yourself by doing this.

I want to tell you about The grand shrine of Ise .
The Grand shrine of Ise is not where we pray for what you want, you need.
It is said that It's place that you appreciate what you have

so if you go and visit the shrine .let's tell it about your address ,your name and
your feeling of gratitude

of course ,then you can enjoy Ise city.
what do you say to going to Okage Yokocho ?

just walk along the street, and you can feel Japan in old times
It's like a transporting yourself back in time to old japan.

Don't forget to take delicious food and beer !

and kind people in Ise city are waiting for you to come here

Thank you for reading Yuya Fujiki
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