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The Summit meeting


The summit meeting was held in Mie prefecture on 25th ,26th.
This time the proposed event site is " Iseshima "
It's a region richly endowed with lots of nature and has its own cultures as represented by "Ama-san"
The place is suitable for a relaxing.

Prime minister Abe visited "The Gland Shrine of Ise "with the leaders of G7 and told them
the japananese culture and spirits.

By the way, this time We feel appreciated as the aspect of secuirty in Mie.
Japan increased and strengthen the the secuirity for the Summit. More than 24.000 police officers
came to keep it.


We could make a success of the Summit
But we mustn't forget that a lot of people helped us .

We want to say " thank you very much "


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