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Golden Week Holidays

2016/04/28   Naiku area

Hello^^ good day outside. We have been trying to make a success of the Summit in Mie and can meet ma ...

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2013/10/25   Naiku area

The rain tap-tapped on the roof. It is rainy in Ise-city. When the rain eased off I decided to go to ...

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No.11 The season has arrived!

2010/06/29   Food, Naiku area

The rainy season has officially begun. And it is around this time that we start feeling hot and humi ...

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No.9 Sakura Update

2010/04/06   Naiku area, Nature, uncategories

This shot was taken this morning (April 6) looking toward the Oharai-dori and Okage-yoko areas, near ...

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No.8 Sakura (cherry blossom) season is almost here!

If you are visiting Japan in the springtime, you may be lucky enough to visit during cherry blossom ...